Месяц: Май 2014

  • It is time to pack our bags, load the trailers full of horses

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  • It will take a couple of weeks for you to get back to where

    This makes me really sad. Not because of how she’s hypocritical or anything, but y’all’s responses. Yeah it’s shitty, but uh, she still made a point. Carpal tunnel syndrome is similar, the carpal tunnel is closed off by swelling, or excessive tension (which is effectively the same thing. Muscles tightening puts stress on the joints […]

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    Thinking of buying a masterpiece Francis Bacon once said, «The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.» Bacon would have had a field day in today’s Russian arts scene, as mysteries are unravelling all over the country that was once the envy of the art world. In a sobering development, forgers have […]

  • FWIW I followed the maintenance schedule and did the first

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  • Murrow Award for Best Newscast of 2017 and was named

    The person may have meant well, yet their well meaning intentions created an environment where animals are living in filth and misery among the rotting remains of dead animals who died completely unnoticed by their supposed caretaker.I suppose there is a parallel to this. But people and especially kids who already up and moved here […]

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  • Two things helped me out of this last rut:1) Rearranging your

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    Fake Hermes Bags He thanked the PEC for voluntarily cooperating with LDA. He also appreciated the vision of LDA DG Amna Imran Khan for change and development in Lahore. According to the MoU, both parties have reached an understanding, in principle, in certain matters. Fake Hermes Bags Hermes Replica Belt In the Middle Ages, what […]