Ships laden with wheat were coming in from Australia docking in

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Churchill persisted in exporting grain to Europe, not to feed actual ‘Sturdy Tommies’, to use his phrase, but add to the buffer stocks that were being piled up in the event of a future invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia».Ships laden with wheat were coming in from Australia docking in Calcutta and were instructed by Churchill not to disembark their cargo but sail on to Europe and when conscience stricken British officials wrote to the Prime Minister in London pointing out that his policies were causing needless loss of life all he could do was write peevishly in the margin of the report, ‘Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet? sorry but I hold him accountable.EDIT: To all those downvoting me. Read up on some history. The man was a murderer.Bread_Truck 4,900 points submitted 4 days agoI know that a lot of people don like Dawkins attitude towards religion, but I kind of get it.

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