I don think he has taken the responsibility

I was getting beaten almost daily

JELENA Dokic is one of the brightest tennis stars Australia has ever produced, but her fans always knew there Canada Goose Coats On Sale was something dark about the relationship between Jelena and her powerful, overbearing father Damir Dokic.

Now, in an upcoming autobiography written with The Sunday Telegraph Jessica Halloran, Jelena finally reveals the frightening truth about her childhood of canada goose outlet online fear and violence. She wants her story to be understood as a tale of survival.

FORMER tennis champion Jelena Dokic has written an explosive new book claiming she endured a childhood of horrendous violence at the hands of her father Damir Dokic.

In her autobiography released tomorrow, Dokic alleges her father whipped, beat, kicked canada goose outlet canada goose coats online uk and spat canada goose uk shop at her in a frenzy that began the day she picked up a tennis racket at age six and continued cheap canada goose uk until she escaped the family home at 19.

«He beat me really badly,» Dokic told The Sunday Telegraph in https://www.nationaalzweminstituuteindhoven.nl a special interview that will also canada goose outlet sale air on FoxSports. «It basically started day one of me canadian goose jacket playing tennis,» Dokic said. «It continued on from there. It spiralled out of control.»

Jelena Dokic allegations include:

Damir Dokic beating her so badly she once lost consciousness

Dokic repeatedly canada goose coats on sale whipping her with his leather belt because of «a mediocre training session (or) a loss, a bad mood»;

Dokic spitting in her face, pulling her hair and ears and kicking her in the shins with sharp dress shoes, leaving her bruised and bloody;

Dokic unleashing constant vile verbal abuse including calling his teenage daughter a «slut» and a «whore».

Damir Dokic, who now lives in Serbia, did not respond to attempts to contact him for a response yesterday.

Jelena Dokic said she contemplated suicide during her years of emotional and physical abuse, but said the canada goose outlet toronto factory emotional tirades «hurt more» than the physical attacks.

«[The beatings] happened almost on a daily basis, but I also struggled with the emotional situation,» canada goose outlet nyc Jelena Dokic canada goose outlet black friday said. «Not just the physical pain but the emotional [pain], that was the one what hurt me the most when you are 11, 12 years old and hear all those nasty things that was more difficult for me.»

Jelena Dokic said when she was just 17 in 2000, canada goose outlet parka her father abandoned her at Wimbledon after her semi final canada goose outlet jackets loss to Lindsay Davenport, leaving her at the courts and refusing to allow her to return to the hotel room she was paying for.

This was one of the hardest moments for me,» she said.

«If I had to pick one this was the one. If you are made to sleep at the courts

Unbreakable by Jelena Dokic and Jessica Halloran is available through Penguin Random House Australia. RRP $34.99.

Even though she reached world No. 4 by the age of 19, she said her father was never satisfied by her achievements on the court.

Dokic book also details her life as a young refugee enduring extreme poverty, racism and bullying after the family arrival in Australia from the former Yugoslavia in 1994. She was told by an Australian player on a junior tennis tour «go back to where you came from» while an unnamed Australian coach said he would canada goose clearance sale not have let Dokic «come back to canada goose outlet Australia, let alone play for wildcards».

She also reveals in canada goose jacket outlet the book the worst beating she ever received, after a first round loss at the du Maurier Open canada goose uk outlet in Canada in 2000.

«It was a really nasty memory that will stay with me forever I ended up fainting,» she said in the interview. «He beat me really badly.»

She added: «The better I played the worse he got. Which is the one thing I couldn understand.»

In Dokic details goose outlet canada Damir drunken behaviour at Wimbledon and the US Open episodes which led canada goose outlet new york city to the man dubbed «tennis canada goose outlet dad from hell» to be banned from the women tennis tour for six months.

She said her father decision in 2001 to force her to switch nationalities from Australia to Yugoslavia is her greatest regret.

«If there is one thing I could take back what he did or certain decisions, leave all the physical stuff and abuse, this was the one I regret,» Dokic said in the interview.

«If I could turn back time, I would like to take back him making me switch from playing for Australia and playing for Yugoslavia a few years later I came back and played for Australia. but so much damage was done.»

Dokic said she doesn «hate» her father after everything he subjected her to.

«I tried to make things better [between us] but it is not an easy thing to do,» she said. «I don think he understands the things he has done. I don think he has taken the responsibility. it difficult to find a middle ground with him. It either his way or that it.».






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